Owner gives full support to IPOP, “regardless of the headwinds against us”

JAKARTA (foresthints.news) - Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) owner Anderson Tanoto has confidently asserted that all RGE companies, including Asian Agri and APRIL, must abide by the parent group's sustainability framework.

“I represent RGE, which is the group company for APRIL and Asian Agri. RGE has launched a sustainability framework that all its companies have to abide by,” Anderson told foresthints.news on Thursday (Mar 10), on the sidelines of The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 event in Jakarta.

With respect to Asian Agri's commitment to the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP), Anderson was quick to point out that, as a signatory to the pledge, Asian Agri is in a position to fully support it, despite any 'storms' that may lie ahead.

“Asian Agri is part of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge. As such, we’re in full support of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge, regardless of the headwinds against us,” he said firmly and without any hesitation.

Anderson went on to claim that RGE’s commitments actually exceed anything currently stipulated by IPOP.

“Our commitments go far above and beyond the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge’s existence.”

Anderson - who appeared very optimistic about the future outlook - shed some more light on these commitments, saying that they needed to be upheld in the interests of the group’s international stakeholders.

To this end, he said: “We will continue to respect and implement our sustainability policy for Asian Agri.”

Asian Agri, one of the world's leading palm oil producers, joined other companies in signing IPOP at the end of September 2014 in New York, on the sidelines of the UN Climate Summit.

Since the signing of IPOP, a number of violations have been uncovered with respect to the pledge's implementation. These have mainly occurred in the cleaning up of the supply chains of IPOP signatories from deforestation.

In fact, all the IPOP signatories have been found to have reneged on the pledge in one way or another, and in some cases repeatedly over the past year.

Despite Anderson's tough words, Asian Agri has proved to be no exception in this regard.

The RGE company was found to have violated IPOP at its supply chain level in both Indonesian Borneo and Papua, after which it took measures to ensure Asian Agri's greater compliance with IPOP.


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