January 3, 2019

Orangutan habitat still falling victim to Wilmar supplier 

JAKARTA ( - The Pundi Lahan Khatulistiwa group, which is among the suppliers of Wilmar through its subsidiary PT PWA, is continuing to clear and drain the habitat of the critically-endangered Indonesian Bornean orangutan in West Kalimantan’s Kubu Raya regency. 

Given the new policy measures Wilmar has said it will implement, action is expected from the Singapore-based company in this case, most notably with respect to its promise to cut its ties with suppliers that are still engaged in deforestation and peat drainage amongst other malpractices.     

In legal terms, what is being done by the Pundi group clearly constitutes new peat violations considering that the Wilmar supplier is repeating the same violations for which the company was previously sanctioned by Indonesia’s Environment and Forestry Ministry (Dec 10). 

In fact, it is easy for the ministry to respond to these new peat violations being committed by the Pundi company seeing that the sanction decree issued by the ministry allows for the level of sanction to be made more severe in the event the company fails to comply with its terms.

The Planet Explorer and LandViewer images below, analyzed by the spatial team, confirm that the Pundi company has contravened Wilmar’s new policy measures, including by carrying out repeated peat violations even after being hit with the sanction.

Unilever, Mondelez also linked 

Meanwhile, Unilever and Mondelez were two of the supporting signatories to a document in which a joint statement was made between Wilmar and AidEnvironment about the creation of a deforestation free palm oil supply chain early last month (Dec 7). 

However, the supply chains of these two food and beverage giants also remain tied to the ongoing clearing and draining of Bornean orangutan habitat in the palm oil concession concerned, in view of the fact that they continue to source palm oil derived from Pundi’s mills.

Both the public as well as the global market are most eager to witness the differences between Wilmar’s old and new policy measures in light of Wilmar and AidEnvironment’s stated intention to bring about a level of difference in January this year.

The new deforestation and peat drainage that has taken place within its supply chain since Wilmar announced its new policy measures (Dec 10) means that the company should prioritize suspending those suppliers culpable of these harmful practices this month.

Unilever and Mondelez also bear a moral responsibility as supporting signatories and thus should also announce that they are suspending the sourcing of palm oil from suppliers like the Pundi group, which is still involved in deforestation and peat drainage.



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