December 13, 2019
Al Gore urged to learn from two sealed Cargill concessions

In response to a speech made by former US Vice President Al Gore on Indonesia’s 2019 forest and land fires at an Indonesia Pavilion event at COP 25 Madrid, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry had advised him to learn from the sealing of two Cargill palm oil concessions due to fires.


December 12, 2019
UNEP slides on Indonesia’s burned areas now irrelevant

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has asserted that UNEP presentation slides (Dec 4) which quote a CIFOR report (Dec 2) in discussing the extent of 2019’s forest and land fires have automatically lost their relevance...

December 10, 2019
150 orangutans in palm oil concession saved from fires

The impact of this year’s forest and land fires on at least 150 Bornean orangutans in two conservation blocks set aside by (PT KAL), a palm oil concession owned by Jakarta listed company PT ANJT Tbk, a member of RSPO, is indeed worrisome.

December 6, 2019
CIFOR slammed by authorities for premature analysis

The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has concluded that the findings of an analysis published by CIFOR on the extent and distribution of the forests and land burned this year are premature.

December 5, 2019
Govt to crack down on misleading wildlife fund-raising campaigns

In early 2020, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry will start taking firm action against individuals, groups and organizations that conduct fund-raising campaigns which exploit key Indonesian wildlife species and deceive the public.

December 3, 2019
Assessment of unburned Bornean orangutan habitat required

It is also critical to look at data on exactly how much Bornean orangutan habitat did not get burned so that a misleading impression of the impact of the fires on the Bornean orangutan’s habitat can be avoided.


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