May 20, 2019
GAMA changes stance towards Bornean orangutan forests

The EU should be supporting such consistent efforts, as encapsulated by this case among others, by collaborating with the Indonesian government, including to establish stricter standards, rather than seeking to phase out...


May 16, 2019
Half of palm oil concession set aside for conservation

“About 7,000 hectares of lowland rainforest, or half the concession, is currently under a peer review process to be set aside for conservation, mixed in an existing palm oil plantation landscape."

May 14, 2019
Another palm oil concession key to the fate of Bornean orangutans

The EU actually has a great opportunity to work with the Indonesian government and palm oil industry to ensure the survival of orangutans which are still extensively found in palm oil concessions...

May 9, 2019
Fate of 108 Bornean orangutans depends on listed company

This case should serve as a lesson learned for the EU as it pertains to its delegated act which could discourage palm oil companies from protecting Bornean orangutan habitat in their existing concessions.

May 6, 2019
Indonesia set to review EU’s role in Leuser Ecosystem

“In principle, we would like to maintain a strong collaboration with the EU, including in efforts for forest protection and nature conservation. However, if its delegated act is enforced, then how is it possible to maintain this?”

May 2, 2019
More facts from palm oil landscape serve as lesson for EU

It’s very important for the EU to learn lessons from the fact that the Sumatran orangutan-inhabited peat forests in the Tripa peatland landscape remain largely intact.


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