APRIL company’s newly-emerged work plan surprises NGOs but faces threat of cancellation

“If there are proven to be deviations in the legal substance of this work plan, it will be immediately cancelled. A decision based on the outcome of our verification process..."


Indonesian peatland restoration indicative map issued, covering 35 times the size of Singapore

“This peatland restoration indicative map is a concrete manifestation of President Jokowi’s great commitment to restoring last year's burned peatlands as well as saving existing peat domes."

SAC members ask APRIL to put Indonesian government decisions into action

WWF and Greenpeace have declared that APRIL must abide by the decisions made by the Indonesian government in the wake of the peatland violations...

APRIL in flagrant violation of its own sustainability policy, according to CSO coalition

“Of course we cannot accept what APRIL is doing. It is trying to use its 10-year work plan as a scapegoat for justifying violations committed by itself of its own sustainability policy."

APRIL subsidiary’s concession suspended as authorities await revised work plan

"The decision to provisionally suspend the operations of the APRIL pulpwood concession on Pulau Padang has been made. It will be in effect while we wait for the map on..."

APRIL proven to have misled the public regarding serious peatland violations

"We once regret the actions of APRIL in trying to mislead the public by claiming that their annual work plan was authorized by the government. This is blatantly misleading..."

President Jokowi vows never to retreat in fight against forest and land fires

"We are not going to retreat in enforcing the law in cases of forest and land fires. We aim to instill discipline in companies and enforce the law..."

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